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Data Dictionary Essay

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Data Dictionary
There are several advantages for aggregated data being used in health care. Aggregated data is the consolidation of data relating to multiple patients. This data is used to establish information about groups of patients. It allows to identify common components that can help to anticipate the course of the disease or provide information about the most useful way to treat the disease. Aggregated data is a great way to educate healthcare professionals and patients on the link between conditions and lifestyle decisions.
Healthcare professionals need education to become informed and comfortable in their healthcare duties. Aggregated data can be important part of education. ...view middle of the document...

There are several disadvantages for comparative data being used in health care. Comparative data may be compromised by disparity in data collection between providers. Inappropriate reporting practices may change because of improvement or decline with data recording over time. Some chronic problems may require different health professionals and the data would not be applicable to just a single quality measure. Comparative data being reported from an administrative system may lack the necessary clinical information. Routine comparative data can be incomplete or inaccurate and can lead to incorrectly identity outliers.
There are several advantage for patient-centric data in today’s health care. Patients are becoming active in their own care. They are receiving services designed on their individual needs and preferences. By providing all patients with timely electronic access to the entirety of their medical records including lots of patient education, electronically coordinating a multitude of transfers of care, empowering non-physicians to provide most medical care, measuring a bewildering array of health care processes and constantly evaluating and reporting on population metrics, while somehow allowing patients and their...

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