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Data Center Essay

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26.11.13 Xavier Muñoz
Assignment 1a – Google Data Center

1. What is PUE, and why is it an important place to start when considering how to reduce data center power consumption? What value of PUE should data center managers strive for?

Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) is a measure to determine the energy efficiency of a data center.

It is the ratio between the energy of the system and the energy of the IT equipment in the data center.
PUE = ---------------------------------------

It is the ratio of the energy supplied to the entire Data Center and the energy ...view middle of the document...

Model seeks to address better airflow.

• Adjust Thermostat
Managed good airflow, you have to increase the temperature of the cold aisle. Google increases the room temperature 22 to 27 degrees Celsius. This allows significant savings in energy and that employees can go in shorts.
• Utilize free cooling
When possible use the "free-cooling" system.
Ambient temperature outside the data center is used to cool the room without using equipment (chillers) energy intensive.
• Optimize power distribution
To optimize the power distribution, power supplies Google uses high efficiency, minimizes the number of times the power is converted from one to another type of electrical power and maintaining power sources as close to the load. With UPS losses. The normal are large battery rooms. But Google placed a battery on the motherboard and conversion steps are eliminated and the CC goes directly to server components.

3. How much of the world’s global greenhouse gases are the result of computing? List several factors that will tend to retard or accelerate data center power consumption both globally and in the United States.
About 2% of global greenhouse gas emissions were mobile phones, computers and monitors. That 2% of data centers are responsible for 15% and 5% includes large Internet data centers.

Factors accelerate:
• Audio and video streaming
• Advancements in IT
• Cloud computing
Factors reduce:
• Virtualization
• Distributing data centers worldwide
• Chillers
• Air management

4. Where do you suspect that data center power consumption will be greatest: developing and emerging economies or already-developed economies. Why?

The companies with the aim of reducing consumption, distributed data centers around the world, in developed countries already and want to locate in areas with low temperatures, cooling savings.
They are located in developed countries such as Iceland, Norway, Sweden, using...

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