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Business Analytics for Managers
Import Data from CSV into Framework Manager
1. Save all your tables or .csv file under one folder. In our case we will use the Test folder saved on blackboard with three .csv files named TestData_Agent.csv, TestData_Customer.csv, TestData_InsuranceCompany.csv.
2. Now , locate the correct ODBC exe at “C:\Windows\SysWOW64\odbcad32.exe”
3. Once the ODBC Data Source Administrator is open, go to the “System DSN” tab and click “Add”.

4. Select “Microsoft Text Driver (*.txt, *.csv)” if you want to import from csv files.
5. Unclick the “Use Current Directory”, and then click Select Directory to define the path of your data source. Give data ...view middle of the document...

18. Close the window after succeeded. Hit Finish and Select the datasource that you have just created-“TestData” and hit Next.

19. Select the Schema and tables you created in the above steps and click next.
20. Keep the Generate Relationships page as default and click import and then hit Finish.

21. Test the query objects in Framework Manager. Select any table, in this case “TestData_Customer.csv”. Right click and go to edit definition and go to Test tab. Click Test Sample in the right corner and examine the result.

22. Rename TestData_agent.csv, TestData_Customer.csv, TestData_InsuranceCompany.csv to Agent, Customer and Insurance Company respectively.
23. Under Data Sources Select the data source ‘TestData’ and go to the property pane window on the right hand side. Make sure Limited Local is selected for query Processing option.
24. Create Cardinalities/Relationship between query objects or tables from Framework Manger. To do this, Select TestData Namespace and click Diagram on the right hand side pane.

25. Select any two tables to start. In this case Select Insurance Company and Customer together by pressing ctrl+click and right click and got to CreateRelationships.
26. We will set up M:N relationship between Insurance Company and Customer and validate relationship and click ok. Make sure to connect InsCompanyID columns in both of the...

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