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Dan Scott Essay

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Dan Scott
Paul Johansson

* Influences
* Family- Dan’s parents seem to be harder on him than his brother Keith. They always pushed him to be better at sports especially basketball. His wife was an alcoholic and a drug addict, once tried to kill him in his car dealership by drugging him and the lighting it on fire. He has two biological sons and only cared about the younger one, most likely because he married his mother. His older brother, Keith, was more of a father to his older son, Lucas, than he was. People in Tree Hill seemed to like Keith more than Dan because Keith was friendlier to people than Dan.
* Friends- Dan didn’t really have any friends because he was rude to everyone. Even his workers hated him, and his children, wife, brother, and Karen, the mother of his first born.
* Environment- Tree Hill, North Carolina is a small town; everyone knows everybody and knows everyone’s business. In the show One Tree ...view middle of the document...

I believe the main reason he shot Keith was because he was jealous.
* Denial- Denial is the refusal to accept reality of anything that is bad or upsetting. After the shooting Dan always has visions of Keith as a young boy and young Keith is tormenting Dan. Another way denial is used by Dan Scott is when his younger son Nathan gets married he says to his wife, “You know Deb, someday we will be walking down the aisle again,” he won’t accept that their marriage is over and they’re not going to get back together. Everywhere he goes he hears murderer, sees murderer, or even in season 4 he is washing his face and imagines blood coming out of the faucet.
* Id, Ego, Superego
* Id- Operates according to the pleasure principle. Dan is mainly influenced by his id, mainly because he wanted nothing to do with Lucas, wanted Nathan to be the star, wanted Keith to be gone, etc.
* Ego- Operates according to the reality principle. Dan is little influenced by this ego, because he strived to satisfy the desire of the id in realistic and socially appropriate ways. Yes, he does strive to satisfy the desire of the id, but it is not in realistically or socially acceptable in anyway.
* Superego- Moral ideas and conscience. The superego also provides guidelines for making judgments. I think out of the three Dan is the least influenced by his superego. Honestly I don’t even think he has a superego, Dan is so caught up on himself he doesn’t think before he does anything. He only thinks of himself, no one else around him.

Dan finds murderer written in red paint on his wall of his house in season 3.
Paul Johansson who plays Dan Scott in One Tree Hill. In One Tree Hill Dan has a heart condition, HCM, which is hereditary, in an episode of One Tree Hill Nathan and Lucas go to a doctor to get tested because there was a 50-50 chance that one of them would have HCM.

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