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D Light Brand Extension Marketing Plan

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Brand Extension Marketing Plan for D.Light and the State of Virginia
1.0 Executive Summary
Solar Photovoltaic (PV) consumer products are reliable, renewable and pollution-free energy sources that collect energy from the sun. PV systems are utilized within commercial and residential areas and are becoming more affordable for consumers to purchase. Here at D. Light we are offering PV options to consumers that will help lower their electricity cost. D.Light’s D3200 is an off-grid solar photovoltaic system that allows consumers to purchase three different sized systems that will generate more power than needed to do daily chores or run a business.
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The highest can be $12 per watt and customers needs include low cost energy solutions and products, utility security, alternative energy sources, environmental advantages, scalable, versatile and flexibility of installation.
Another advantage of investing in off-grid solar systems is the fact that they can be used in remote areas. Each system can produce enough power off grid more cost-effective than expanding power lines. Marketing on a global level will begin with collaborating with homebuilders to provide installation of solar photovoltaic systems in each new home built, direct mail, mailing lists, and specifically word-of-mouth on social networking sites. In addition, D. Light will offer free solar seminars to homeowners, businesses and anyone who wants to lower their utility costs.

2.0 Situational Analysis
The market for Solar Photovoltaic (PV) consumer products has significantly increased since its beginning in 1897and this type of energy resource seemingly becomes more accessible on a daily basis. Federal regulations, various financial options, and numerous utility options make it all possible. More and more business owners are increasingly interested in investigating in the PV market to reap the many benefits and offer the lowest price of electricity via numerous products worldwide. Solar powered products continue to cross business executive’s minds in a variety of industries and locations. It is a business that has grown into an investment flowing opportunity and has become abundantly needed worldwide. The solar consumer product segment transforms a small entity into a big entity; unfortunately the risk presents some unique challenges for the business. In the past, residential consumers and business owners utilized conventional energy products, i.e. kerosene, diesel, and coal in their day to day operations. Since the increase in oil prices has fluctuated and diesel has subsidized in some areas; phasing out fossil-fuel will continue for years to come. In order to determine a valid business model, some careful investigation into the macroeconomic, micro-economic and socio-economic factors must be considered and researched. Unfortunately, each of these areas are significantly different in other regions; therefore, it is clear there are numerous factors to consider before implementing any renewable energy technology onto the market, paying close attention to the fluctuating market and the market conditions. It is also necessary to take into consideration the finances, market trends, market growth, consumers, and location.
2.1 Market Summary
The emerging global market for solar consumer products has reached its peak and electricity manufacturers and distributors continue to enter the market to provide energy access to consumers at a low cost worldwide. With over 3.1 million people worldwide that pays high cost to electricity and energy service providers; it will make more sense from an economic point of view to...

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