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Cyber Security Essay

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Why Hire Me? _____________________________________________________________
I am a highly motivated and professional Security Engineer with (Linux Professional Institute
(LPI 102) certification and willing to pass CEH Certified Ethical Hacking). Capable of delivering
at the highest level. With excellent interpersonal skills, I am confident in my ability to become the
most valuable member of your company. I have developed expertise in networks security,
pentesting and managing IT functions on day-to-day basis. Never give up is my lethal weapon.
I am committed to facing fresh challenges.
KEY KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS & ...view middle of the document...

Control and Audit for network devices, operating systems, and database.
Manage access identity and users privileges.
Alliances Group

Security Engineer

/05/2013 - /11/2013

Used a variety of network security testing tools and exploits to identify vulnerabilities and writing
Performed intrusion test on web servers and scan ports.
Implemented an intrusion detection system (IDS).

System Administrator

/06/2009 - /8/2009

Installation and configuration of computer hardware and software.
Follow the transfer from the 2nd Line to the 1st line support and troubleshooting.

EITIA Consulting (Rabat)


University Med 1st (Oujda)



Special Achievements

Delivered a successful roll out of a new project where the results were proven to have saved the
Company 50% overheads in my area while increasing productivity by 30%.

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