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Cyber Crimes Essay

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The internet has changed how organizations conduct business. Within moments information exchange occurs and a profit is made. It has changed how crimes are investigated and solved by law enforcement agencies. Unfortunately, it has also changed how criminals conduct their crimes- through cyberspace.
President Obama, Sony executives, Target organization and many of its’ customers have all been victims of some form of cyber crimes. This writer will provide a brief overview of the six types of cybercrimes and the economic loss as it affects America’s businesses.
The growth and availability of technology has resulted in cyber attacks becoming a major concern for ...view middle of the document...

In 2008, the ex-sheriff for Halifax County, Virginia obtained access to the department files (Unknown, 2015). The ex-sheriff admitted to altering, deleting, and disabling certain files.
Hardware hijacking is similar to computer trespassing but differs slightly. Hardware hijacking occurs when a hacker, through use of the internet, gains access to control printers or network computers. In 2012, a version of the SpyEye malware (Trojan horse virus) infected computer webcams and microphones (Constatine, 2015). This malware allowed hackers to watch and manipulate the individual’s computers as they were conducting online banking. The hackers secured the necessary information to gain access to individual’s accounts without detection.
There have been numerous cases reported of cyber bullying, harassing, and stalking. Most of these crimes primarily involve teenagers which target peers with cruel or hurtful messages. These behaviors were once limited by the physical presence or location. Technology has enabled the offender’s ability to target their prey while reaching large audiences. “According to the National Crimes Prevention Counsel, 43 percent of teens are subject to some form of cyber bullying,” (Kriss, 2012). After 15 year old Amanda Cummings committed suicide (from cyber bullying), New York Senator Jeffery Klein introduced a bill elevating cyber bullying to third degree stalking. Additionally, the bill added the use of electronic devices as a means to commit aggravated assault which is now punishable by up to twelve months in jail (Kriss, 2012).
Most individuals with a private email account have received the unsolicited bulk emails known as spam. Spam attempts to retrieve information from the recipients, personnel or sensitive data such as social security numbers. Some types of spam allow the spammer to gain access to the recipient email address, sending out more spam under the recipients email. In 2003, Hamidi, a former Intel engineer, along with other Intel employees (current and former) established the organization known as FACE- Intel (Intel v. Hamidi: Spam as a Trespass to Chattels-Deconstruction of a Private Right of Action in California , 22 J.Marshall Computer & Info. L. 205 (2003), 2003). The organizations purpose was to exploit Intel’s employment practices. Over a 21 month period FACE-Intel organization sent six emails to 8,000-35,000 Intel employees. Intel attempted to bring forth trespassing charges against the spammer. Through a summary judgment, Intel won, preventing the FACE-Intel organization from sending any further spam.
Information warfare, “involves large sale attacks on computer, websites and networks,” (Dzielinski, 2014). These types of attacks ultimately result in shutting down the organization’s website, denying access. In 2007, the Estonia government website was attacked and shut down (Weissbrody, 2013). This particular website ordinarily received 1,000 visits per day. While under attack,...

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