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Cyber Crime Essay

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Cyber Crime a 21st Century Problem
Subsequent research has focused in establishing Cybercrime as an activity only for computer programmers. However, Cybercrime has recently expanded to appear as a full capital offense since it integrates multiple forms of criminal activities. Per se, Cybercrime has proved to be a social, economic, and political form of disturbance, or in other words, a mother of 21st century crimes. The commencing research will endeavor to prove that Cybercrime should be managed in a more responsive method since it encourages the development of other crimes. The research is defragmented into three main sections, ...view middle of the document...

Computer fraud involves insincere misrepresentations of facts. This could be, altering, destroying and suppressing unauthorized transactions of information. In addition, altering, or deleting stored data (Lusthaus, 2013). Besides, this could include, altering or misusing existing system tools or software packages by altering writen code for fraudulent purposes. Cybercrime (2012) has also argued the possibility of altering or manipulating electronic images, for instance, pictures, which can be applied as evidence in a court of law.
Jewekes (2006, p. 349) assess that, there has been a subsequent debate attempting to justify the validity of offensive content as part of Cybercrime. For the last one decade, the world has been evolving to embrace a rapid social media, with websites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn registering billions of users. However, attackers and scammers have utilized this opportunity to harm innocent users against proper web usage. A common form of offensive content is pornography, alongside, hate speech, racism and blasphemy (Greece, 2014, pp. 45-48). The research cannot overlook the presence of other Cybercrime related offenses such as, cyber terrorism, harassment, drug trafficking, human trafficking, prostitution and threats. The presence of these vices means Cybercrime should be recognized as form of normal crime but only happening on the internet.

Following the increased levels of...

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