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Cyber Bullying Essay

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Nina Lakhami writes the article “One in five children is victim of cyber-bullying – with girls targeted most”. The view on cyber-bullying in this article is presented like it has destroyed children’s safe places they often have at home. The cyber-bullying is far away from normal bullying, because this kind happens on the Internet. A victim of cyber-bullying can’t get away and forget it when she comes home, there will always be a possibility of getting a hate message on the phone or from Facebook. It is not an opportunity for them to avoid the Internet; it has become a part of the teenage life now a days. The next text I want to bring in my paper is “Hate and the ...view middle of the document...

What make me give him my attention was, that he starts the article by writing “I remember the first time I …” which gives un a feeling like it is a story being told, and not some fancy article trying to make us think something. There is a little bit of humour in the language too, he writes “… as Dan (of undisclosed gender) …” by choosing his name as Dan and choosing undisclosed gender is something everyone can relate to; the feeling of being anonymous. It make me feel like he was only a human like me and if he did the mistake it’s okay for others to it do it as well.

Jan Hoffman writes an article: “Online Bullies Pull Schools Into the Fray” which is about how to deal with cyber-bullying. The big question is if the responsibility in such conflicts should be with the family, the school or the police. We hear an example where a girl Saturday evening got a shocking sexually text message from a boy in her school. Her parents go to the principal, but he tells them that it happened out of the school, so he can’t discipline the boy, even though the girl’s parents wants the boy to be punished. The principal asks them if they have talked to...

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