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Customer Relations Essay

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It’s always good to have customer service in a superstore, but what advantages of this will be positive. They could increase the sales which will prompt other businesses to want their own range of products sold in the store. If there was good customer service, customers would recommend the superstore to their family or friends. The business would be getting more customers, which gives them better rates and more profit. Customers that were satisfied about the customer service will ...view middle of the document...

The role of any business is to keep customers happy at any cost because this will reflect the sales.

Benefits of an employee:
Staffs who deliver good customer service receive their customers’ appreciation and are further motivated to offer good customer service. Promotion will be offered to employees who provide a good service to customers and also some staff members could be given a bonus.

Employers can also offer sick child care for those children who have a minor illness such as an earache or stomach ache. When a child has a minor illness parents have to take time off from work as most parents could not imagine not caring for their sick child themselves. Offering sick child care helps to minimize the guilt a parent often feels with having someone else care for their child during these times. The employer could allow additional times for the parent to be able to check on their child during the day.

Benefits of a customer:
Customers want to be greeted by staff that are friendly, approachable, loyal and show willingness to help customers and understanding. Customers will want to have a good shopping experience e.g. less queuing at the tills, working facilities like doors that open automatically, clean and well maintained toilets, plenty of shopping baskets and trolleys and a well stocked store.

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