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Customer Oriented Essay

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Cosmetics line is always popular in our daily lives, especially for the ladies. There are variety of cosmetics brand in the market nowadays, and we as consumer have the choices to choose in the ...view middle of the document...

It is about feeling good and doing good,too. The business philosophy is ‘profits with principles’. The Body Shop believes that business has a responsibility to the communities in which it operates. The Body Shop committed and continues to lead their business to use their voice for social and environmental change. Throughout the years, The Body Shop campaigned and contributed to many non-governmental organisations, such as: Pink Triangle Foundation and Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA).

The Body Shop maintain high retail standard from visual merchandising to customer service. It has won a lot of awards especially customer service. The Body Shop store is a vibrant place which beauty, creativity and activism combine. The Body Shop follows their core values which are: activate self-esteem, protect the planet, against animal testing, support community fair trade and defend human rights. The Body Shop believes that beauty is a feeling, a natural way of being, which one can freely express the character, self-esteem and humour. That’s the soul of beauty. The company seeks and sustains natural materials and ingredients and use planet resources wisely. The
Body Shop is the first in cosmetics industry to stand against animal testing. The company also take part in Community Trade programme, in which the lives of the farmer, producers and their communities are changed. The company campaign for social justice and human rights.

2.0 Communication Analysis
Customer orientation (CO) is the heart to management thinking, especially for high-performing organisations which strive to satisfy customers at all time (Anosike and Eid, 2010) Customer-led businesses focus on understanding the customer’s desires in their served market and on developing products and services that satisfy those desires (Slater and Narver, 1998).

2.1 Reviews on Communication Activities
The Body Shop stores usually have three to four employee to provide the uttermost personal shopping experience for their customers. They listen to the customer’s needs and advice and recommend the products that meet the needs of the customers. They usually greet the customers the moment they step into the store. They would stay with the customer in the store and would leave if the customer wish to shop without distractions. But yet they stay close and aware if the customer need any help in choose the products. By using interpersonal communication, they communicate with customer with manners and knowledge about the products. They are always patience in explaining the functions and providing testers before the customer purchase the products. They speak in enthusiasm to show their confidence about their products and influence the customers to interested in the product thus buying them with their needs. The Body Shop also focus on the store ambience. The stores are always tidy and customers could easily locate the products they need without any help from the staffs. The prices and promotions are...

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