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Customer Behaviour And Luxury Car Essay

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Consumer behaviour is extremely complex ever changing matter that is based on many aspects such as culture, social class, life style, gender, locations and many other things. Either purchasing for a need or a want. Motives for purchasing or owning something is different. Automotive industry for instance, individuals can buy car because it will save them time, effort to go to work. Others can buy a car while already having another one for the “fun, joy” of having it.

Information process model points out the consumer as a an individual that is capable of reflecting the capability for correct and valid reasoning who find a solution to concerns or problems to make purchasing decisions ...view middle of the document...

“ information availability and the use of this information by consumers has so profoundly affected consumer purchasing behaviour” (Clemons, 2008: 14).

While viewing the purchasing process model (Baines, P., Fill, C. & Page, K, 2011) in terms of

Motive Development: Where supposedly there is a problem that needs solving by buying such product. I can see from where I live in (Kuwait) the social class and lifestyle & social grade totally effects the decision making of cars. Individuals from certain families must have luxury cars. Actually Arabs compete with each other on how has a higher, more luxurious life style. On a personal note, I have never seen such luxurious cars in Canada, USA or Europe as much as I have seen them in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia & Dubai! Social aspects would be a motive for such “Car”

Proposition evaluation: This is where consumers evaluate the proposition (Baines, P., Fill, C. & Page, K, 2011: 85). When it comes to luxury cars, the “irrational” evaluation of the proposition will be more dominant, since the “luxury” car is really not a need as much as it is something that “should” bring more happiness. So it is closer to a desire, if the motive is “hey look at me”
and that is what will give that person the satisfaction/happiness or what he desires. Then the decision will be totally irrational, probably would be based on what the other people think of that car rather than what do I think of that car. On the other hand there might be other motives that could involve rational evaluation when it comes to buying luxury cars, but I believe they are limited. Maybe it really comes back to identifying what is a luxury car. A 330 sport gear BMW in Canada was considered a luxury car, in Kuwait it is “a car”. This is where culture effects the value of the product.

Acquisition/ purchase: Definitely infrequent.

Re-evaluation: If the purchase would not fit our circumstances by any reason, probably one would feel guilty. When it comes to a luxury car and that...

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