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Curriculum Essay

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With the introduction of computer accounting as an area of studying has outline it’s important because with two or three weeks of training, a computer program can prepare financial statement using computer application.

Accounting is an important function in the business sector. It helps business to keep records of income and expenses that occurs to the day to day activity of the organization or business. Accounting involve in the preparation of general journal, spreadsheet, ledger sheet and others which frightens and makes it difficult to some people. In the computerized accounting section, it helps make it easy and interesting to the individual. Indeed computerized accounting has a ...view middle of the document...

Concerning timing in manual or traditional way of accounting is a disadvantage because it takes time in recording, implementing, calculating and analyzing in preparation of financial accounts. But concerning computerized accounting, it makes good or judicial use in time. The time in which the manual method use will be very less, comparing to the computerized method.

In the issue of speed and accuracy accounting to financial accounting is very important. In this case speed and accuracy is a strong advantage to computerized accounting. With computerized program for accounting, it makes good use of time by sending and receiving information of within a limited time concerning the tradition way. It also help in time saving when locating a data or an information using the computerized program of accounting. Computerized programs are designed to make no errors in any of the entry which means the financial data are accurate. Efficiency goes through the roof when a computerized system is used.

In the situation concerning data computerized accounting is the better than the manual accounting system. According to computer program, data or information of accounting can be store either on a flash drive, external hard drive or even online which make it secure.

Financial accounting as in computerized accounting is in deeded outstanding the traditional way of accounting by ways of accuracy, efficiency, timing, data keeping and sending and receiving information but with the computerized training of three or two weeks does not show the understanding of the double entry principle, the application of the principle, how the principle of accounting came to be, the logic way of the principle, the interpretation of the information to customers and the real motive of the principle of accounting and why it should be use. Also with the computerized way of accounting within two or three weeks, the individual will develop the attitude...

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