Current Economic Conditions And Macroeconomic Policy In China

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the macroeconomic conditions of our country is not so serious .

After 30 years’

reform, our country has already started to build up some policy in order to control

economical system .At present ,financial crisis is becoming a heated issue. Under

suchconditions , it is important to figure out what can be done by our country

onfiscal policy and monetary policy to achievement objective of the economy.

Internal economy

excessive reliance on foreign markets

Poor countries are better off pursuing outward-oriented policies. But our ...view middle of the document...

At present , China’s e

conomic growth rate slow down

slightly.But the inflation pressure will remain in the next period of time.International

oil, food prices’ increasing leads to the rising of the cost of production in China


government should reasonably use the three monetary policy to control this .

Lacking of core technology and independent innovation

industry policy should be strengthen roundly,it seems a historical problems in

economy,Recent years, high and new technology products’ exp

ort is increasing fast !

In 2014. 80% produc

ts’ core technology are controlled by foreign

business man. So

some industries are not competitive ,but monopolized by some big corporations


External economy

The foreign economic policy influences



Exit QE has a dual impact on China's import and export trade

it lead to the

increasing to the dollar, with the exchange rate related to the dollar, the possibility of

the substantial depreciation of the RMB is lesser, can lead to rising of RMB effective

exchange rate, is not good for the export of our country. But QE exit is the premise of

the US economy is improving, China's external demand will also benefit for the



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