Current Business Research Project Paper

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Current Business Research Project Paper

March 21, 2012

Current Business Research Project Paper
According to "Research Methodology" (2012), “business research can be defined as Business research is a systematic and organized effort to investigate a specific problem encountered in the work setting that needs a solution” (para.1). Laura M. Miller wrote “Physical Abuse in a College Setting” in this peer review Ms. Miller identified the purpose of the research. In this paper I will explain the problem that’s under investigation. There were several methods used in the ...view middle of the document...

The purpose of this paper is to inform readers how common it is for college students to find themselves in abusive relationship and never report their abuser. It has been determined that most victims have been in abusive relationships in the past.
The business problem under investigation in this article is the victim giving accurate identification for their abuser. The main reason this happens is lack of knowledge and denial that abuse is incurring in their relationship. Stets and Pirog-Good (1989) reported that only approximately 40% of the men and women sustaining physical and sexual abuse perceived their relationship as abusive.
The data collection methods used in Laura M. Millers paper was conducted at a University at Northwest Pennsylvania by undergraduate students. All participants had to meet the inclusion criteria 1,530 students was a part of the pool. Which consisted of male and females and there was four questions asked on the survey.
The results of the research were that more women are in an abusive relationship or have been in the past. 81% of the college students agreed that it is normal to have a disagreement in a relationship. 98.6% of the participants believe that there is other ways to resolve conflict instead of by physical abuse.

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