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Culture Of Early Civilization Essay

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The following questions are all about early civilizations and their cultures. The answers will give a better insight into these civilizations and their cultural makeup.
Question 1.
What forces contributed to the cultural makeup of early civilizations?
The first culture started in the days of the caveman. Their culture revolved around family, hunting, and the dangers that were present during that time. Their stories were passed down through the generations. As they moved around to different lands, their culture changed to include new experiences. In each early civilization, that main forces were simple, survival and creating new tools to facilitate this survival. As humans evolved, so did their ...view middle of the document...

If two groups could not understand each other, it is easy to get offended without cause. Wars lead to the development of armies and more food production. The development of tools lead to the development of weapons. Religious wars also became common as different cultures worshiped different deities.
Question 3.
What were the main cultural influences on early civilizations?
In the beginning, the main influences were the desire for food, clothing, warmth, and housing for their families. In later times, food, housing, region, and the security were the influences present. Tools were developed all through history as a way to create the thing’s that were needed for basic human survival. Art, temples, and various household items were created as an outlet for their culture and natural creativity. It was also useful for preserving food for winter. Human experience and desire influenced many early cultures.
Question 4.
Do you believe that revisionist history is a good thing or a bad thing? Explain your response.
I feel that it is both a good thing and a bad thing. Good in that it gives us a type of understanding of early culture and civilizations. A bad thing because so much of it is guess work. As new information is revealed, more assumptions are being made and they may not be correct. Until writing was developed, many facts and stories were passed down by storytellers. Many early civilizations history has been lost because thing’s wee not written down. Many of the written records are damaged or in a language that is unknown and all we can do is make a guess at what is being told.

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