Culture Makeup Of Early Civilizations Essay

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Submitting Assignments
Individual Project (IP) Discussion Board (DB) Group Project (GP)

o At AIU there are 3 types of

assignments: Individual
Projects, Discussion Boards,
and Group Projects.

o Each assignment has a designated place
within the classroom to be submitted.

o To enter the classroom, click on the log into
the Virtual Campus, click on the Classroom
tab, and enter the class by clicking on the
blue door.

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Where do I Submit my
Individual Project (IP)?
o To submit your Individual Project,
click on the “Submit Assignments”
link within your classroom.

o Next, click “Add File.”

To check your similarity score
before submitting the
Individual Project, click on
Originality Verification.
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This is where
you will see your
similarity score.

How do I Submit my
Individual Project (IP)?
o Once you click “Add Files” a new window will

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Replying to the main question
2. Responding to your classmates’ postings

o To post your DB,


click on the
“Discussion Board”
link within the
classroom and click
on the appropriate
discussion forum.
Click on “Reply to
Forum” to post your
DB assignment.

o Copy and paste your DB response from Microsoft

Word into the area provided.
Click “Check Spelling” and then “Post Message”

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Replying to a Classmates
Discussion Board (DB)
o Read the posting and then click


“Reply to Message.”
From there, follow the same
procedures for replying to a classmate
as you did for submitting your DB
The only difference is instead of
“Reply to Forum” you will click “Reply
to Message.”

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Group Project!
The Small Group Discussion Board

o Some courses assign Group Projects, on which you

will work with other members of your class to
complete an assignment.
Click on the “Small Groups” link in the classroom to
access everything associated with the group project.

o The Small Group
“Discussion Board”
is the primary area
in which you
communicate with
your small group
team members.

o The process for posting information or responding to


others is just like posting information to the main
Discussion Board in the classroom.
A portion of your grade is going to depend on your
individual participation in the project and your
Instructor is going to use the Small Group D.B. as a
way to gauge your level of participation.
If you have corresponded with others via email, copy
and paste the email into the D.B.
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How do I Submit the
Group Project?
o Each Small Group will appoint a Group Leader who
will be the individual responsible for submitting the
final version of the project for grading in the “Small
Group Files” area.

o The Small Group Files area is also a place in which
you can post drafts of the paper for the entire group
to review.

Tip for Small Group Files:
Be sure to clearly label the Final Version so
the Instructor is clear about which version to
review for grading.

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