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Culture Influenced By Language Essay

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Language influences Culture in more ways than one. Language allows us to share perspectives, allows us to plan for the future, and allows us to make goals. By allowing us to do these things, we can redirect our behaviors to fit our cultural needs.

We all have our personal points of views, which stem from the ways we were raised and the culture in which we were brought up. At birth we were nothing, unable to speak, untrained beings at the beginning of the world. As our textbook Essentials Of Sociology, ...view middle of the document...

Language also plays an important role in our future. Not just focusing on the past and the way our culture developed, but the times to come are dependent on our communication. "Without language, how could you ever plan future events?" (Stated in Essentials Of Sociology, 9th Edition, by James M. Henslin, again on page 43) We could convey messages, but agreement and changes in plans would be difficult to communicate without language.

Goals and goal-directed behaviors can also be influenced by language. With language, we can also give a purpose for our plans rather than simply communicating the basics. Why are we striving for _____? This question is easily expressed with language. Again, as stated ( Essentials Of Sociology, 9th Edition, by James M. Henslin on page 43) "Only because of language can you participate in a general yet complex event... or attend college classes."

In conclusion, language is an important factor in culture because not only does it dictate the past, but also communicates with the present and the future. Different cultures have different languages, however, it is simply Language that creates the ability to communicate ideas, perspectives and plans.

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