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Culture In Film Essay

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Stella Dallas
I’m very excited to see my second film in black and white. Watching Stella Dallas was very fun and interesting as to how the women, or in this case Stella, were to act during certain times in this millennium. Its not certain if it was suppose to be obvious about the performance of the women of this film to represent the women back in the 70s. As I watched the film I realized and was able to relate to the women’s actions and decisions based on being raised by women more than men. In Stella Dallas there was so many situations were it was obvious but also necessary to react the way she did. Sacrifice was a big archetype being used throughout the film, but I can ...view middle of the document...

After the baby grows up to be a wonderful young girl, Stella realizes what she has, and then the sacrifices start to take place. As she watches her daughter go through experiences with her father and friends, she starts the role of being the sacrificer because she makes decisions that either ruin her reputation or scar her daughter from her friends. The bad girl will do anything to get attention or make her the life of the party, which is why Stella can pass as the bad girl.
Stella’s daughter is the one that is considered to be the “good” girl in the film. Her actions are based from watching her father make decisions with his life and others around him. He carries a swagger that attracts her daughter that makes her act like the girl who marries for protection and have a man to depend on in her life. Also having the genes of the father could have the effect of her actions. But as any daughter would, she loves her mother regardless of the friends she chooses. Stella’s daughter can be under the choice archetype because in the end she decides to be with her father. Stella’s intentions were exactly that the whole time, especially after listening to what her daughters friends were commenting on during the train ride to see her father. So she sacrifices her happiness for her daughter to not live the same life as her. But also...

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