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Culture Essay

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Disclaimer: This paper is written purely for academic purposes (only). Any use or misuse of this document will be entirely at the readers’ own risk. The author does not warrant the accuracy nor the validity of this document.

by Christopher Low
Everyone has his own definition of “Culture” – and when this word is used, generally, most audience has a rough idea of its meaning. However, when asked for a definition, many will keep mum or pretend to be in deep thought. Out of a number of definitions, offered by sociologists and experts on culture, we picked the one written by Geert Hofstede as an example. He defined Culture as “the collective programming of the mind of members of a ...view middle of the document...

The meaning of these dimensions are somewhat intuitive except for “Masculinity” which refers to the cultures’ degree of preference for material wealth and achievements whereas “Feminism” (on the other hand) refers to the cultures’ inclination towards emotional and social wellbeing. The dimensions listed in Trompenaars’ model are: “Universalism versus Particularism”, “Individualism versus Collectivism”, “Affective versus Neutral”, “Specific versus Diffuse”, “Ascription versus Achievement”, “Sequential versus Synchronic” and “Control versus Controlled by”. There is minimal direct overlap of the dimensions from these two models except for the dimension of “Individualism”. Very detail descriptions of these dimensions can be found in Trompenaar’s book, “Riding the Waves of Culture”. A good way to get a more complete perspective of cultural comparison would be to use a combination of two or more models, to derive a deeper understanding and to get additional insights. A key component of Culture is the language used by the culture. A language provides its users with the facility to articulate certain concepts and cultural values easily. Each language has a unique structure which reinforce and contribute to its users’ worldview and cultural beliefs.

Disclaimer: This paper is written purely for academic purposes (only). Any use or misuse of this document will be entirely at the readers’ own risk. The author does not warrant the accuracy nor the validity of this document.

For example, languages such as Spanish immediately differentiate between formal and informal relationships with different forms of the word for “you”. In the Chinese language, very specific terms are used to define seniority and...

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