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Cultural Health Issues Essay

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What methods would you utilize as a member of the health care team to increase compliance with delivery of culturally competent care? Address specific interventions to improve aspects of care related to each of the identified categories: Culturally competent, Culturally appropriate and Culturally Sensitive.


As a registered nurse in the healthcare field, it is extremely important to be well versed and mindful of each and every patient’s cultural background. Nurses encounter people from all walks of life so having the appropriate background knowledge on patients coupled with being sensitive to their beliefs and traditions is paramount to being exceptional in the ...view middle of the document...

2 million households had no one over the age of 14 fluent in English and another 9 million Indo-European and Asian/Pacific Island households where the results were the same (pg. 11&12 Spector book).


Language barriers between patients and healthcare professionals are the norm and can negatively impact the care provided to them. Patients that have limited English proficiency are less likely to develop a rapport with health care professionals, receive sufficient information and even participate in their own plan of care. I agree with the programs the NIH has developed and shared because patients all too often do not receive proper care when they are misunderstood. I believe having a phone line for access to all languages should be available at all patient care facilities as well as written material that can be given to patients so they can actively participate in their care and be more apt to follow instructions upon discharge. To further this point, the state of California passed legislation requiring that continuing education for medical professionals must include curriculum related to cultural and linguistic competence. ( I also would make this a requirement for all nurses so they can be exposed to different cultures and belief systems. In addition to the above-mentioned language barriers, it is also important to take into consideration differences in non-verbal communication between cultures. For example, many Asians believe that avoiding...

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