Cultural Awareness Essay

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Cultural Awareness: Final Project
Criminology 103
December 9th, 2015
Kali Zollman
Leo Backs
Ivy Tech

Cultural Struggles
I chose to write about the movie Hardball. It starts out with a man who is in a considerable amount of debt. In order to repay the debt obligations he has occurred, he is told he needs to coach a baseball team of fifth graders that live in the ABLA housing projects. O’ Neill knows little about the boys he is coaching and less about the housing projects in which these boys are living. O’ Neill knows little and does very little to get to know the boys individually or as a team and as a coach. He does not take any interest in the living situatons of ...view middle of the document...

The many cultural struggles in this movie add up very quickly from the very beginning. First, the boys are called “crack babies”. Now whether they are or are not is unclear, but they are labeled as that in the ABLA housing projects by the gang members and thugs that are out and about in the community. These young boys want nothing more than to play baseball however, they are continuously confronted with hardships that hinder them from playing or make them not want too. One young boy in the movie, nicknamed “G-Baby”, was one of the boys that wanted to play baseball the most. He had a passion for baseball that was easily seen by the coach and the entire team. G-baby sadly does not get to play because he is too young. The team knows he is good enough but by the rule book he is too young to be on the field playing. The cultural struggle identified in this film is one that is still present in modern day America. However, it is not often in the limelight or on the news. In the movie hardball the culture is one of racism directed toward the minority group of African Americans. However, the larger issue is one of discriminaton directed at the young boys on the baseball team due to their sub poverty economic status. The young boys are seen as un-talented, incoragible and failures simply because the live in government housing. This is a story line that has been used time and time again by movie makers everywhere. The sad truth however is that scenarios like this still occur to this day. There is a portion of society that is ignored largely by members of society and labeled as under achievers, Hardball broaches this subject in many facets. Examples of how this film brought this to light are compelling. Let’s begin the discussion about the scenarios in the movie that demonstrate the racism and discrimination. The film depicts the housing projects a dirty, run down and in disrepair, although this may be the case in some places we know that the government has made efforts to improve the conditions at housing projects. The focus of the film is more focused on the people living in the housing projects and how they are perceived by each other and those outside their environment more than the condition of the of the living conditions. An example of the discrimination is seen when the baseball uniforms are given out the team from the housing projects are given what appear to be inexpensive, old and cheap uniforms. While the other baseball teams in the same league have new, custom made uniforms. Another example is the equipment issued to each team. The equipment given to the team from the projects is worn and old while the other teams have better equipment issued to them. These are examples of slight or subtle discrimination that some individuals may look past, however, this form of discrimination is damaging. ...

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