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June 14, 2015

New York Subway Communications System
There are hundreds, if not millions, of failed projects for one reason or another (or a combination of reasons). The biggest thing would be organization or communication between those handling the project and those affected by the project. Politics play a part many times over and having those pushing for change, regardless of feasibility tend to overpower common sense.
Case in point, the communication issues between the police officers working in the subways and the police officers working above the subways. Stated simply, the methods were incompatible those above could not communicate with those below. Logic states this is a huge ...view middle of the document...

What might have helped in this situation was to pay attention the experts, slow it down, and organize things more accurately without caving to political pressure to ‘get the job done’. The major stakeholders in this project were more than likely pushing to get it the communication up and running as quickly as possible. This pressure, along with a PM that allowed themselves to be pushed before ready to move forward was key to the failure.

My Thoughts on IT PM
In my opinion it is vital to have the full support of the top management in an organization for any projects to succeed. The key is, with the support, you have access to the resources, funds, and cooperation of other departments to successfully complete each project. Without that support, it would be a major uphill battle that eventually would fail. Project managers require resources. This includes money as well as human resources. When a project manager has the full support of a top level manager (sometimes referred to as a ‘champion’) they have political pull. The ability to have this person step in for them in other departments to gain support and the needed...

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