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‘Crossing’ is a short story published in 2009, by Mark Slouka. We are introduced to a depressed father, who takes his son on a trip, in the hope of achieving a stronger relationship with his son. The father appears to be very attached to his previous/past experiences with his own father, and in that context a theme such as the relationship between father and son can be related/connected to the text.

The story is told from a 3rd person limited narrator. The limited view is seen by the author’s attachment to the main character, who is the father. The story is described through the father’s point-of-view, which can be seen by the big insight the reader is given, on the father’s ...view middle of the document...

“You ok?” he said. “You have to pee?” He slowed and drove the car onto the shoulder and the boy got out to pee.”
The story takes place in Washington, Tacoma. It mostly takes place in the nature since they are on a hiking-trip where they are for about, a day. The setting appears very realistic because their surroundings are relatable to the real world, among other things as the wood, river and in general the nature. Already at the beginning of the story the reader is made aware of the settings, where the father is going to pick up his son in Tacoma. Later on the day, they are on their trip in the nature, where they are preparing to go to sleep, and the next morning the two characters are by the flood, with the purpose of crossing it.
When the narrator refers to their settings it is often in a very describing and detailed mode, which helps the narrator to create a focus on the settings while forcing the reader to consider what the relation between settings and the father and son’s relationship. The author has used settings in order to create symbols during the story. The father believes that through a trip, he will achieve a better relationship towards his son “Whatever is was, has passed. He and his son would be friend, nothing mattered more”. The father appears to be aware of their ‘bad’ relationship, and it is very obvious that he has a big desire to change that. The flood is a symbol for the father and son’s relationship because they are struggling to cross the flood, and they have to fight, and get through it together in order to achieve their goal. It is comparable to their relationship, because the father also needs to fight for their relationship in order to regain a good relationship. Crossing the flood, or regain a good relationship both demands fighting, and making an effort in order to achieve your goal, therefor the flood appears as a symbol for their relationship because both demands effort and willingness.
The weather also appears as a symbol for the father’s mood. Despite rain, the father expresses happiness whenever there is a bad weather, which he mentions during his trip with his son. The rain and his happy mood can be a symbol for his joy about spending days with his son, despite that he knows their relationship is not good. In that context, the father appears very sympathetic because he sincerely wants to improve their relationship. He also appears as a...

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