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Cross Cultural Management Essay

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TISSA ADJANI - 1357809
What Kind of Training Would You Personally Prefer to Support the Development Your Cultural Intelligence, and why?

You have probably seen one of HSBC advertising that show a three different perspective about a rug. Some people may say it is a decorative item, some people say it is a souvenir, and also there are some people that call it a place to pray. The different point of view comes up because we have a different culture between us. The one who say is a decorative item maybe comes from Europe, the other who say it is a souvenir maybe comes from Turkey and the other one who say it is a place to pray comes from ...view middle of the document...

Cultural Intelligence consists of three components, Knowledge, Mindfulness, and Behavior. These components merge to make the ability to communicate effectively with all cultures.
First component is knowledge. As we know, knowledge is one of our basic needs in our life. From knowledge, we can learn everything and be someone who can change our life. In this case, knowing other culture can make us know how to adapt and get along with them. I think to improve our knowledge about culture is by doing cultural briefings. Cultural briefing is like an activity in class. There will be one lecturer who expert in world culture giving some information about it. The goal from this method is we know about there are a lot of culture all over the world and improve our knowledge about it. From that, we already know how culture in this country is and also know how to interact with them.
Second component is mindfulness. Mindfulness is a key linking process between knowledge and action and the aspect of this conceptualization of cultural intelligence that may be the most novel. Mindfulness is fundamentally a heightened awareness of and enhanced attention to current experience or present reality (Brown & Ryan, 2003). After knowing the culture, we have to generate our knowledge into some kind of practice. Consider a range of behavioral that we will take in a practice operates by mindfulness. For this component, I think the best method is cases. From cases, people will know the reality what is going on in the country and know how to solve it based on their...

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