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Cross Cultural Communication Essay

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Worship Research Paper

God is spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth." John 4:24
The first thing the new worship leader needs to do is to get alone with God, fall on his knees and worship Him with all that is within him, as he saturates everything with prays. Prayer is essential for the true success of any worship leader. Maintaining the level of spiritual passion is priority number one. Without a vibrant relationship with God there is a lack of spiritual power to enable the worship leader to go beyond his or her natural talents and abilities. The private worship life of the leader makes all the difference in the world. Transformational worship leaders ...view middle of the document...

During the first meeting, any advice that the Pastor would give regarding the conflict stemming from the previous worship leader would be very important. Any and all pertinent information regarding the situation that might still effect the worship team as well as advice on how to handle any concerns would be crucial. It would also be important to understand what the Lord is doing in that specific church. Gaining insight from the pastor’s perspective about needs of the congregation would be insightful.
Meeting with secretaries of the church is important because they have information about the daily operation of the church. Also meeting with the business manager for the purpose of obtaining budget information and procedures dealing with finances in the worship department is major and would be helpful for making decisions. It is also critical to meet the board members and learn the role they play in the church. Studying vision statements, mission statements, flow charts, policy and procedures, creeds of the church or anything that assists in getting the big picture of what the church is all about would be vital to success.
Memorizing the names of people is so important to building a rapport with them. If the church has a directory with pictures of the pastors, elders, secretaries, members of the worship team, this would be a good place to start. People are more willing to support someone who shows that they genuinely care about them. Learning about family members, special interests, or hobbies that people have also make others feel that you care. Proverbs 18:24 says that if you want to have friends you must show others that you are friendly. The worship leader needs to take the initiative to make friends and show a genuine interest in other ministries.
In the worship department, the worship leader can launch a "Get to Know You" interview. This process would give the worship leader opportunity to learn about his people, then show interest in the team members. Questions would be prepared ahead of time. Because the new worship leader will have oversight of the worship team, he or she should become familiar with the musical experience and spirituality of each member. This must be done in a non threatening way. Establishing a healthy worship team requires as much information as possible and requires making an investment its individuals.
The standards of the worship team need to be clearly communicated for those who are recruited and those who have been involved in the past. “Worship is an overflow of a life devoted to God” (Kauflin: 230). In light of the previous worship leader who was disqualified because of inappropriate behavior, reviewing the standards and expectations for being on the worship team will help those who did not agree with the discipline of the former leader. This will also set the tone for the worship team which in turn encourages an attitude of commitment and dedication.
In order to begin building a trust...

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