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Cross Cultural Business Policy Analysis: Hipaa

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The world has changed. Client information (especially health information) can no longer be freely discussed or shared with just anyone. In previous years there has been limited regulations on privacy of health information. The how, why, and to who information was shared was less scrutinized, which allowed people to inadvertently gain access to information that was not necessary.
There are very specific rules for who and when it can be used, discussed, shared or disclosed. These rules are outlined in various Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) (Codington-Lacerte, 2014). HIPAA is a set of standards that are used across the nation in an attempt to protect ...view middle of the document...

Ways to overcome obstacles include, speaking quietly when discussing personal health information, avoiding using names in public areas such as hallways, isolating or locking file cabinets or record rooms, and by providing additional security (Incidental, n.d.).
Penalties to failure to adhere to HIPAA guidelines can be quite great. Penalties are dependent on the type of offense. However, they range from monetary consequences as little as $100 all the way to $1.5million. In addition to monetary penalties there can be criminal penalties, which include imprisonment up to 10 years. The bottom line of any HIPAA policy is that you can always discuss a client's information directly with the client, or directly with the guardian. You may also discuss client health information with others that "need to know" keeping in mind that you are discussing only the "minimum necessary" information and nothing more. Naturally, if you believe a client's life may be in immediate danger if you don't "disclose" his or her health information either to law enforcement or to a healthcare professional there is a HIPAA procedure allowing for that. The confidentiality associated with HIPAA is crucial to quality care and is upheld by such stringent penalties.
HIPAA is a policy that helps streamline differences among perception, including cross-cultural differences. People see things differently based on a lot of reasons such as history, experience, and culture. Regardless of the reason, HIPAA helps streamline to whom personal health information can be released too. Some cultures may choose to have their information released to certain individuals, but there are releases that aid in this process. Not all policies are as easily adapted from culture to culture as the HIPAA policy could be.
While, it can be adapted across cultures there may be some concern across countries. HIPAA may be interpreted differently or felt it is not needed in some countries. This is where understanding various cultures and participating in techniques, such...

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