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Crjs 420 Aiu Gp Unit 4

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Nikki Jones
Group project - Week 4 group 3- Individual Assignment
December 6, 2013

The Trayvon Martin case was primarily on the shooting of the teen. Martin unarmed was shot by Zimmerman who was also known for being well trained in martial arts and much larger than the teen appearing to Zimmerman to be involved with drugs. However, there was no proof of the drug relation, only a statement from Zimmerman. (Williams, 2013) His parent stated that was not something Trayvon was involved in and could not believe he would have the dugs on him or dealt with such a thing. (Kaufman, & Lindner, 2013) The trial was in the state of Florida where they allow a jury of as low as half in major ...view middle of the document...

The final decision of the jury was not guilty. (Kaufman, & Lindner, 2013)
The actions of Zimmerman were described as not only excessive force yet also lethal force. There is a major dilemma in the fact since Zimmerman was a leader of a neighborhood watch that happened to have a conceal to carry permit. Martin was only returning from a seven eleven his clothing was considering him a suspicious subject, of a ordinary hoodie. His person was carrying an iced tea and skittles, a simple a teen with an unhealthy snack. (Deggans, 2012)
The stand your ground law in Florida saved Zimmerman in the trial pleading self-defense. The media was in a quarrel of the villain and injustice category. As the racial factor and the facts and the case could not be altered in order to maintain peace and the public from acting out in such ways as riots and crying of unfairness in the court system the possibility to take violence to receive justice was a high probity. The line of walking while being black was the pointing fingers of the guilt that Martin was in to have such a thing happen to him, in addition to not being known in the neighborhood. The idea of a neighborhood watch is not meant to track down everyone who is not familiar to the area. The media had to watch the major points of journalism not to place fear in the public and allow having the continued trust in the law enforcement agencies through the country. The ability to tell enough of the backgrounds of each party will a lot the information to not be basis by the publications. Height, weight, race, and clothing are often a description used to identify those in an event. This is not intended to create chaos in the community. (Deggans, 2012)
The applied force and deadly action used as a self-defense is the heated discussion. The one-party statement is only one view, there were witnesses and additional reenactments in science studies to see what really happened. Zimmerman of the head is the man did have injuries on the back of his head as well as a broken nose. This is a possibly that his information is true. That Zimmerman was the head of the neighborhood watch program. He was not an officer on duty. He did the proper thing to contact the police department and make them aware of the suspicion. Although the dispatcher did tell him not to follow Martin. They were sending an officer. The idea to call back was reasonable when the confirmation started. However, when he went to reach for the...

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