Critique Of Arnold A. Markley Critique: Great Expectations

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Arnold A. Markley is the author of a compelling critical essay about how profound the effects of the novel Great Expectations being published serially had on the plot and characters.
Markley is an extremely credible source for critical analysis. Markley, a professor of English at Pennsylvania State University Brandywine during his lifetime, taught classes on classic Victorian literature and a wide array of other literature-related subjects. His extensive knowledge and experience in the literary arts is evident throughout the entire criticism: he is able to make a deep analysis of Great Expectations that remain relevant to his thesis.
Markley intends to prove that the effects of Great ...view middle of the document...

Markley assumes a mainly-historical approach in his analysis of Great Expectations. He reflects greatly on the Victorian era and how it relates to the novel. His analysis is mainly concerned with the way in which the serial format changes the perception of the plot and characters and how it relates back to the Victorian writing style of serial formatting. He goes on to commentate about how Dickens offers social criticism of British society, such as when Pip visits Newgate Prison in London and witnesses women being treated like they are much lesser than men; a recurring theme throughout the novel and one that was a major problem in Victorian society in Dickens’ day. Also pertaining to Dickens’ social commentary is how characters, such as the women in the novel, offer a deep insight into the depths of Victorian culture.
The critique maintains a respectful tone while still remaining unbiased and is a valid interpretation of the effects that Great Expectations being published serially...

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