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Critique Essay

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The ineffectiveness of online writing courses
DeJaneria W. Knight
University of Maryland University

Writing professor Kate Kiefer offers her debatable opinion on the usefulness of online learning in writing courses in the essay “Do Students Loose More Than They Gain in Online Writing Classes”. Her expertise are derived from views on all sides of the spectrums by teaching in hybrid settings, strictly online settings, and class room or face to face settings. Furthermore, her 20 plus years of teaching has enabled her to provide an extensive perspective of how students most efficiently participate in each learning environment. With writing this argumentative essay, Kiefer, believes that ...view middle of the document...

The essay references the some differences between online and in class forums. Kiefer is able to provide personal experiences and also accounts of how some collegiate students of have many other obligations besides education which in turn hinders effective online and in classroom learning. Professor Kiefer indicates that students pursue feedback on their writing from her as a professor and that she is limited in the amount of interaction when teaching online.
The limitations of online technology which can detract from the overall learning experience for students are being emphasized by Kiefer in the article “Do Students Loose More than They Gain in Online Writing Classes”. Kiefer highlights the lack of student to student and student to teacher interactions in her argument which does great in supporting her argument. I can attest to her views on the convenience of the online setting because as adults we do have a lot going on as far as work, children, and everyday issues that may arise. Professor Kiefer points out how there seems not to be enough hours in a day or week to accomplish a full time face to face class because of family life and work which for most take precedence over all other obligations. I can attest to the in class setting making a significant difference in how I received and applied the applications that were being taught. Kiefer’s gives a great example of how students in the strictly online setting do not frequently visit the discussion groups and forums as instructed. She professes that students usually have one large block of time that they attempt to cram in on an assigned task.
I fully agree with Professor Kiefer’s argument that students lose more then they gain from online writing courses compared to face to face courses. From my own personal experience with writing classes in a class room setting and also in a strictly online setting I am inclined to come to an agreement with Professor Kiefer’s stance on the lack of helpfulness in online writing class settings. Each aspect of her argument is valid and her explanations hold tremendous amounts of justification. The time management dilemma is also pointed out in the article “Why Do Some Students Struggle Online?” written by Di Xu (2013) where he explains; “The...

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