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Critical Thinking Essay

534 words - 3 pages

Critical Thinking and Ethics
Yoletta L. Cunningham
GEN/201 (BSCS1J0YC6)
November 16, 2015
Pamela Boronkay


Critical Thinking and Ethics

Personal ethics influence critical thinking because significant impact in effective
problem solving is directly based on personal beliefs. A person’s ethical beliefs must coincide with the standards of their profession and one’s personal principles are reflected in the way that problems are solved. The objective analysis of an issue to form a judgement is the exposition of critical thinking. The process of critical thinking includes knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation.
Acquiring knowledge to potentially resolve the issue would be the first step in critical thinking followed by comprehension. Comprehension is simply understanding what the issue is ...view middle of the document...

Nurture. One’s upbringings, experiences, and surroundings effect their influence on others. Although, if the individuals think critically enough to understand their own anomalies they would be able to set them aside to administer non-biased ethics in favor of the people.
My preferred ethical lens is reputation. My decision making is guided by intuition and the greatest good for the majority. Unrealistic role expectations is my blind spot. My results stated that I am too hard on people in positions of power and authority. I view authoritative figures as suitable for their roles, so I expect them to be efficient at their tasks and assignments. It’s almost as if I see them as faultless superheroes in their fields. I view the great as great and not human, incapable of short comings.
My blind spot is a product of a positive aspect. I’m a helper even when there isn’t much I can do, I think my small feat can create ripples. This positive aspect contributes to my view of authoritative figures, without trusting a leader how am I to be a helper? I view those who are in the position of power and authority as impeccable because it further drives me as a helper. Therefore, I make decisions based upon reputation because, I care to help the majority for the greater good. Although, in order to procure the greater good I believe an authoritative figure is needed. My blind spot theoretically stands to benefit my decision making to coincide with my personal principles.
Effective critical thinking is directly based on an individual’s ethical beliefs. Our judgement and problem solving techniques are principles acquired through personal experiences and interactions. People who are in positions of power must use effective critical thinking to justly and positively influence those allocated under their inclinations. The lens that we innately select illuminates our path towards social efficacy. Ultimately, our ethical beliefs are our driving forces in daily critical thinking and decision making.

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