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Critical Thinking Essay

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Critical Thinking Application Paper
University of Phoenix
Critical Thinking: Strategies in Decision Making
Richard E Botelho Sr.
Bruce A. Fanger Sr.

There are many benefits and specific characteristics as well as important aspects to critical thinking and it has a direct impact on decision-making. In making decisions, the critical thinking process is important and your success and happiness in life will be increased by your ability to think critically.
The process in which facts, information, and theories are gathered and analyzed is critical thinking. Effective decisions are made by using the critical thinking process. Critical ...view middle of the document...

It stimulates people to choose a wide spectrum of alternatives to base their decisions on, thus being able to select the one in particular that are right for the existing situation.
There are a number of processes that can help someone to work through the decision-making process to arrive at the best solution, if you use some critical thinking skills. An individual’s reasoning for what is influencing their beliefs must be examined for any underlying assumptions that are involved. You have to ask if their perceptions are founded on inaccurate information or actual fact.
In the decision-making process a look at how individuals are interpreting the information that has been provided must be done. You must ask if the information is accurate and has it been presented clearly. This is the time when you find out if the information is biased or the facts cannot be substantiated. You must ask if there are errors in their thought processes which need to be brought out into the open and discussed.
There must be evidence presented to support the argument when evaluating the information and presenting any arguments. In order to support any argument, information must be objective. This will many times, pertain to the values and beliefs of various people. When making the final decision, the goal is to reach a reasonable and justifiable conclusion.
The process to help with developing several different views of the issue is if the individual uses different paradigms and assumptions. The best possible solutions are arrived at because the individual has utilized processes along with the critical thinking—to make the sound decisions.
Critical thinkers are always willing to show flexibility in adapting, all founded on solid evidence that has been presented. They are also open to new ideas. In the business decision-making, critical thinkers are vital because they will utilize excellent communication skills and back up their decisions with knowledge and resources that are pertinent to their decision-making. To help develop the best decision based on accurate information and not emotions, critical thinking skills are a necessity in the business realm and really in any sector (Kirby & Goodpaster, 2007, p. 10).
When the subject of critical thinking arises, there are many benefits that come to mind. Critical thinking allows someone to achieve the goals they desire by making a positive decision. A benefit of critical thinking is making clear choices that you can be happy about, which includes allowing a person to reach their goals without damaging any other area of their lives. Because critical thinking allows one to determine the impact of their decisions on others, it also benefits others.
Because it provides you with all of the background information and options available before making important choices, critical thinking is beneficial to decision making. As far as the relation to your decision, critical thinking also allows you to take many things into...

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