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Critical Thinking Assignment

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Part 1: Islam
I have chosen Islam because of the views some of our society has on this religion and its beliefs after September 11th. Having lost good friends on this tragic day I have tried to study this religion to see where we differ in views.
There God is Allah as expressed through Mohammed around 610 AD. This was in Saudi Arabia as stated in history Mohammed had a meeting with an Angel and created the Quran. The Quran is the Islamic or Muslim Bible. The angel Gabriel was to have spoken to Mohammed.
Identity to a Muslim is very important. They believe that identification on their Judgment Day is paramount. That is why they pray to Allah before sunrise every day. This ...view middle of the document...

Contrary to the established rule in America. Islam is a religion of peace and wellbeing. The word Islam in Arabic means Peace. Do not follow in the steps of Satan he is your enemy. This statement comes from there book.
They believe Allah is the creator of all things. They believe that they have the right to choose their destiny be it right or wrong.
In conclusion comparing Islam to Christianity our Worldviews are somewhat similar. Both the Islamic faith and Christians believe in right from wrong. They also believe in being sincere and good in their thoughts and ways. It has taken me several years to accept Islamic or Muslim people. Being in Law Enforcement and attending several management schools throughout the country I have befriended lots of co-workers from different departments. James Leahy was one of my friends. I kept in contact with him he was one of the 72 officers that died this fateful day. When asked to do a Critical Thinking assignment I never knew that critically thinking would make a tear come to my eye. Since Sept 11th I have prayed and asked the Lord to help me accept these people. I know that we can interact because I do it every day. I deal with Muslims in the community on a regular basis. As with every culture or religion there will be the bad apples. What we do as a country and a community to rid ourselves of these bad apples and coexist in peace is up to us. Just like with Christianity there where 11 fanatics that gave Muslims a bad name. The Lord has helped me work through my own hatreds or prejudices and allowed me to see these people in a different light.

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