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Critical Thinking And Ethics Gen 201

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Critical Thinking and Ethics


September 7, 2015

Critical Thinking and Ethics

Every person from toddler to adult is faced with the daunting task of decision making each day. Some of these decisions are basic, like what you will make for dinner. While some are more complex decisions that will impact not only you but those around you as well. Many decision are made by jumping to a conclusion based on our core values and we forget to analyze the potential impact. This is where critical thinking can come into play and help provide a system of checks and balances to our decision making.
Critical thinking may sound intimidating and time consuming but really we do it every day, sometimes without realizing it. This form of thinking is ...view middle of the document...

Being aware of the issue or what is wrong will allow you to further dissect the situation for further evaluation. At this point in the process you can apply different theoretical solutions that incorporate your ethics and even remove your ethics from a decision. Analyzing what you came up with and then evaluating how the end result will affect you and those around you will determine the quality of your decision.
Before you even reach the analysis stage of thinking, your ethics may have already pre-determined the decision for you. We hold so strongly to these values it is hard to separate ourselves from them if needed. I myself need to spend extra time thinking about my decision in order to avoid my ethical blind spot. I am quite the autonomist so I have the habit of thinking if I do it, so should the others. This value in a universal rule can easily upsets and raise issue with those the decision impacts. With cultures being so diverse and each person being unique, my ethics can influence my way of thinking to be selfish and not considerate to those around me. Following the critical thinking steps helps me catch this and brainstorm multiple outcomes, even those that go against my own personal beliefs.
All this may sound like a lot just to solve a simple problem, but if you are aware of how you came to that conclusion, then you have the knowledge to evaluate and expand on that decision This way of thinking seems to happen automatically, maybe because we skips steps or let our ethics choose for us. If you can evaluate the matter at hand using the critical thinking steps and work around your ethical blind spot, you will have the best chance at making the right decision. The result may not please everyone, but then again you would be aware of that already when you processed through the evaluation stage.

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