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Critical Argument Analysis

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Critical Argument Analysis
Kimberly Amat

Critical Argument Analysis
In the process of researching the selected topic regarding “Fear” there were many angles to consider in how ‘in depth’ the writers got into their topic. There were many questions to ask in how well the authors of the writings made their claims concerning the topic. As each author has his or her own way of reaching the audience it would be only right that his or her writing process reflect this. Each author has their own brand of emotion and logic he or she uses to reach their audiences, which in turn can affect each authors writing. Each author brings to the table a unique style of writing, one using ...view middle of the document...

The second author Kaylene C. Williams has a more technical style of writing. The audience that Williams is trying to reach seems to be a more specialized audience. As the essay that Williams has written focuses more on how marketing communications can be used to install fear into society. Williams uses very technical terminology to write the essay. This in turn can be a problem for a person who is not familiar with such terminology. The argument that Williams’s uses for the essay are lost as the only backup for the essay is claims and evidence. There is nothing in the voice of the essay that seems to belong to Williams. Structure of the essay was well done and very well written in the sense that the sentences held up in the argument. The writing process of Williams seemed to be uptight as if everything had to perfect.
The third author chosen is a poet by the named Mary Ruefle. In reading Ruefle’s essay this author was lost in the words. There was no technical evidence to back Ruefle’s writings, nor was there a precise logic to this writing. The purpose of the writing was to convey how fear can affect everyone in different degrees. The argument behind the essay was how each person deals with fear and the reaction to what needs to be done at that moment and time. As Ruefle puts it “Fear belongs to man, not to the world. The world feels no fear, at any time, in any place” (Ruefle, 2012, pg. 286). The audience that Ruefle was writing for could...

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