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Crisis Intervention Essay

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Joann Ellison
April 22, 2014
HN220:Prevention and Crisis Intervention
Professor Elizabeth Whitaker
Unit 4 Assignment

In the state of Georgia I live in Clayton County. Clayton County is located 20 minutes from the city of Atlanta, Ga. In Clayton county they have a workshop that you can attend to become a volunteer in any crisis intervention center in the county. Volunteering at a crisis intervention center or hotline is an amazing and important job. Through your training and patience, you will be able to help individual through very difficult situations and hopefully help set them back on course and even save some lives. During the training, there is 8 steps that you have to achieve and remember to become a volunteer at any crisis intervention center or hotlines service. Remembering these step will not only help you succeed being a good volunteer but help better others and help saved a persons ...view middle of the document...

They will schedule regular hours for you to cover phones and you should treat this like a really important job. When you volunteer, you are required to put in so many hours each week and you have a grand total that you need to accrue (Department of Clayton County Services)

If I had the opportunity to volunteer at my local crisis intervention service office, I would take the offer. I believe volunteering at your local crisis intervention hotline or center will be a great chance to experience what you may be dealing with first hand. Learning different chiquet to use when put in a certain situations is a great advantage in the Human Services career field. Human Services mostly deal with individuals that are dealing with certain issues In there lives. Learning how to not only deal with their issues but learning how to humble yourself when dealing with someone's issues. Learning how to shake under pressure and keeping a calm environment is a must in this field. Everyone should volunteer before going into their career field. Being inform of what you will be involved in a plus to me.


Clayton County Department of Human Services
Grading Rubric Unit 4 Assignment | %-Points | |
Course Content | | |
| | |
Discuss how to become a volunteer at your local crisis hotline of the local social services agency. | 0-20 | 20 |
Describe the training needed to become a volunteer and how to get started. | 0-15 | 15 |
Explain whether or not you would become a volunteer and why. | 0-15 | 15 |
Discuss how being a volunteer could be valuable to your future as a human services professional. | 0-20 | 20 |
Total | 70 | 70 |
An explanation of the points earned, as well as where the assignment could be strengthened will be included with your grade. | | |
Nice job Joann! You have really good information about the agency and volunteer option in your area. You did a nice job answering the questions asked. You discussed the training well and were thorough. Nice job overall.

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