Criminology In The Criminal Justice System

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Criminology in the Criminal Justice System
P. Olivia Roehrs
CJUS 230_B01 LUO
Research Paper
July 4, 2014

Figuring out and understanding why people commit crimes is a main concern of criminology. Do the majority of criminals act and think rationally after weighing the consequences of crime? Is society to blame for an individual committing a crime? Do factors such as mental diseases or genetics play a role in whether or not one lives a life of crime? Theories have developed over time explaining the above questions and this paper will explore them and their answers.

Criminology in the Criminal Justice System
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The belief central to foundation of classical criminology is that individuals who commit crime participate in a process of decision-making when deciding how to commit crime (Williams & McShane, 2010). This view is based on the assumptions that individuals have the right to free will and are guided by the maximization of pleasure and the minimization of pain, also known as hedonism. These assumptions, or ideas, are important in that they shift attention away from punishing an individual’s social or physical characteristics, and toward punishing their offensive behavior.
Individuals may commit crimes for societal reasons that may include peer pressure, feeling alienated from society, teen rebellion, and also due to individuals seeking acceptance from society in general. Boys may often feel they need to prove their masculinity which can, and often does, result in criminal behavior (Woolf, 2005, p. 11). While society can have a negative impact on crime, it is ultimately left up to the individual and his or her choices. Society does and cannot hold responsibility for individual choices. Every individual has the right to exercise free will and is aware of his/her actions and of his/her choice to commit crime. Other factors to consider as far as society is concerned are poverty, discrimination, inequality and family violence.
There are issues that can lead individuals to live a life of crime, which include mental diseases and genetic factors....

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