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Criminology Essay

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There are many crimes and they are put into categories. The categories are Technological crime, state crime, moral Crime, individual crime and white collar crime, these types of crime are not alike and do not link.

E crime;
This is a technological crime and basically is the use of networked computer or internet technology to commit or facilitate the commissions of crime.

Types of e crime;
A type of e crimes is hacking, this is when someone goes through another person’s computer without permission and can access information and details.
A specific example of e crimes is when a 15 year old boy (computer hacker) caused a 21 days shutdown of NASA computers that ...view middle of the document...

Both of these types of e crimes are technological crimes because both examples used internet technology to invade through data bases and commit fraud.

State crime;
State crime is activity or failures to act that break the states own criminal law or public international law.

Types of State crime;
A type of state crime is war crime. War crime is an act carried out during a war that violates accepted international rules of war.
A specific example of war crime is the war in Gaza. After world war two the Jewish people wanted their own country so an agreement was settled that the Jewish people would have a part of Palestine. After a while the Israelis wanted more land so they started moving Arabs and Palestinians out of their houses and their land part of Israel the Palestinians have tried fighting back but the Israelis have too much fire power for the Palestinians. Innocent children, families are getting killed this war still goes on till this day. The criminal offences that are that the Palestinians human rights are being breached, also Israel are committing war crime in Gaza. The victims are the Palestinians who are being forced to move out of their land which they own. The offenders are Israelis who are killing and moving Palestinians out of their homes.
The level of public awareness for war crimes is high sometimes and sometimes low this is because sometimes it is very dangerous for TV respondents to get into and in the middle of war zones the offenders may not want everyone to know what is going on so this is why it sometimes isn’t publicised enough.

Another type of state crime is Genocide, this is the deliberate killing of a large group of people, especially those of a particular nation or ethnic group.
A specific example of genocide is when the the Holocaust occurred, in one of the world’s most shameful examples of genocide, the Holocaust was the attempt by the Nazi government to kill Europe’s Jewish population by either to killing them or gassing them, with approximately 6 million being killed. More than 16 million people were killed by the Nazi government before World War two came to an end in 1945. The criminal offences that were caused by the offenders, Nazi government, were genocide and murder to the innocent Jewish people. The victims were the 16 million people that were killed. Most countries were unlikely to be aware of the holocaust because it was normal In Germany for Jews to be killed and newspapers thought that it wouldn’t sell because it is normal but after seeing how many Jews died many stories and newspaper started writing about the holocaust because of how many Jewish people were killed now it is publicized all over the world and everyone knows about the holocaust.

Moral Crime;
Moral crime is acts against humanity or violation of the moral code.

Type of Moral Crimes;
A type of moral crime is Prostitution; this is a crime that involves buying or selling sex for profit.
Prostitution is a way to...

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