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Criminal law is something that is very important because it protects the good people in society from the ones who tend to break the law. Each jurisdiction has its own laws and the way things are handled, but overall each jurisdiction has the same basis of criminal law to protect the people and to prosecute the criminals.
Criminal law sets procedures for arrests, searches and seizures, and interrogations. It also establishes the rules that are set in place for a trial and punishment for offenders. Some of the sources of criminal law are common law, criminal statues, and the Model Penal code. Common law is a judge made law that was created by judges by declaring that certain crimes were ...view middle of the document...

So depending on the jurisdiction that the crime has happened in depends on the punishment in which it will be handled.
When you discuss the adversarial system, you are talking about two people who are representing both sides of a case arguing their case to a jury or a judge in an attempt to find who is telling the truth in the case. The adversarial system gives both sides equal opportunity to discuss and prove their points. There are three types of standard proof on is preponderance of evidence, clean and convincing evidence, and a reasonable doubt. Preponderance of evidence is where the evidence that does the most convincing by the amount of evidence that is presented. Clear and convincing evidence is when the person presenting the information must persuade the one trying a case by proof of clear and convincing evidence that they are innocent. Reasonable doubt is where one is doubted of the defendant being guilty, or a strong belief that the defendant is not guilty. Though the preponderance of evidence and clear and convincing evidence are used in civil trials they are also used in criminal proceedings.
Criminal liability and accomplice liability are two different things, but play a large role in criminal law. Criminal liability is where you do not commit an act of crime intentionally, but the actions you take can result in a crime. For instance, if someone takes medications that make them drowsy and then operates large machinery and hurts someone and it kills that person. They didn’t plan to hurt the person, but there were negligent on the actions they took...

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