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Criminal Justice Trends Essay

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Criminal Justice Trends

April 2, 2014

Criminal Justice Trends
This paper will be evaluating the past, present, and future trends of the corrections component. It will also be discussing the budgetary and managerial impact that it has on future trends including law enforcement and the courts system. The criminal justice system will always be a significant part of social order.
The world’s leader in incarceration is the United States. Prisons and jails operate around two philosophies of punishment vs. rehabilitation. The past tend was solitary confinement with no concern for inmate rehabilitation or any concern for the well-being of the inmates. Most of the increase has ...view middle of the document...

The judge can give a suspended sentences and or probation, this is when the defendant’s sentence is suspended jail or prison time is put on hold. The defendant must comply with certain obligations of the suspended sentence or the judge can order the defendant to serve the original sentence. Some community corrections programs are the work release programs, electronic monitoring/house arrest. When a judge sentences an offender to probation they must obey all laws, report regularly to the probation office, no alcohol or drug use just to name a few. If a person is caught DUI, one of the alternative sentences can be is that the offender must install a Breathalyzer device in their car, or they have to give lectures or attend lectures on the dangers of alcohol use and do weekend jail time.
Prison security goes high tech, Prisons are built in a panopticon design. The prison includes a central control room that provides the personnel with a 360 degree view of inmates. The new surveillance cameras that monitor inmates are much better than the used to be. These cameras are bullet resistant and you can hit it with a sledge hammer. Surveillance makes prison safer for inmates and correctional officers. New technology in prisons are using radio frequency identification tracking. The inmates wears an electronic bracelet that tracks his or her movement throughout the prison. If an inmate enters a prohibited area and is wearing an electronic bracelet an alarm will sound, it is also easier to count the prisoners. This electronic bracelet can provide information on inmate’s movement, so if there is an unusual amount of people going to one area it can alert the staff. This information can be stored and used later to pinpoint who was present at a certain time and place especially when investigating an event. Biometric is another advanced tracking mechanisms this scans the inmates iris or fingerprints. Although if there is a lot of inmates the cost could be high using the biometric system. Some prisons are using electronic audio/video technology, teleconferencing and videoconferencing which allows inmates to appear in court remotely.
Budgetary and managerial impacts that future trends will likely have on corrections: In this country prison administration has changed the warden was the chief twenty five years ago in the attempt to achieve reformation, isolation, hard work and repentance. The superintendent of prisons today must manage difficult personnel system, overcrowding institutions and high-tech advances in a perspective of increased public and political analysis. There are many challenges of today with the increasing number of people entering prisons and jails. With the increased use of illegalization of illegal drugs, and privatizations of prisons. The prisons and the system are much larger today than they were twenty five years ago, there filling up with uneven number of minority inmates predominantly black and Hispanic inmates. ...

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