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Criminal Essay

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Chapter 10
-First appearance (which includes the bail decision)
- Grand jury or preliminary hearing
-Arraignment and the plea
-Plea bargaining
The primary purpose of a criminal trial is to determine the defendant’s guilt or innocence. Factual guilt deals with the issue of whether the defendant is actually responsible for the crime for which he or she is charged. Legal guilt is established when the ...view middle of the document...

The adversarial system allows for two sides; one advocates for the state and the other for the defendant.
3.• Trial initiation. It is important to note that there are time limitations on the processing of cases.
• Jury selection. Jury members are selected from the public for jury duty. Prosecuting and defense attorneys question (voir dire) prospective jury members and eliminate them by making peremptory and for-cause challenges.
• Opening statements. Opening statements begin the presentation of information to the jury. Opening statements provide an opportunity for the prosecution and defense to describe what they intend to prove.
• Presentation of evidence. The state presents its evidence, and then the defense follows. Evidence presented includes direct, circumstantial, real, and hearsay.
• Closing arguments. Closing arguments are an oral summation of the case.
• Judge’s charge to the jury. The judge instructs the jury about the evidence presented and matters of law, and describes the deliberation process.
• Jury deliberations and the verdict. The jury discusses the case, takes votes, and ultimately reaches a verdict.

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