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Crime That Pays(And Pretty Well, Too)

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Case Study: Crime That Pays (and Pretty Well, Too) I stride toward ground zero of counterfeiting-the notorious Silk Market of Beijing. As do more than 10 million people a year, I enter a 35,000 square-meter, seven-level piracy temple, packed with nearly 2,000 small stalls, staffed by thousands of hard-charging, take no prisoner vendors, offering cheap knockoffs of the leading branded products in the world. Navigating a surreal bazaar gone wild, I stroll by stalls boldly displaying bogus Prada ...view middle of the document...

Despite spot-on comestic resemblance, virtually all is counterfeit. Moving around, one comes to digital zones, finding copies of software, music, games, and movies. Rack upon rack displays products from some of the best and the brightest minds of the world, now selling for ludicrously low prices-Microsoft Windows 7 for about a buck, Microsoft Office for $0.75, Wii Guitar Hero for a buck, Photoshop for two bucks, AutoCad for five dollars. Each stall is packed with an ever-changing collage of customers-Germans, Indians, Canadians, Brazilians, British, and Americans, and so on-each getting past initial shock, and many buying multiple titles. -DPS’s stroll through the Silk Market, Beijing, March 2011 Almost from its inception, software technology has been has been dogged by digital piracy-the illegal distribution and/or copying of software for personal and business use.141 It’s an explosive issue, and it cuts right to the perception and protection of intellectual property rights (IPRs). Software pirates can be anyone from an individual making an unauthorized copy..

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