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Analyzing photographs provided I was able to determine several challenges that the investigating team could have faced while processing a crime scene. The crime scene appears very messy, which might cause certain difficulties and danger to process it. In this case the crime scene should be investigated for any hazardous substances and/or explosives to ensure the safety of the investigating personnel. After the crime scene was secured and personnel can safely process the scene their main concern is to protect evidence from destruction and/or cross – contamination. Finally, if there is a dead body discovered at the crime scene it should be investigated and collected first. Investigation of the ...view middle of the document...

As we can observe on the photographs the room is relatively small and extremely messy. The evidence might easily get contaminated in this case. To prevent contamination of evidence the minimum number of personnel should be allowed to enter the crime scene. They should wear appropriate protective clothing and nothing should be moved around or misplaced without urge. The object removed from its original spot should be either packaged or put back on. The gloves should be changed between handling each piece of evidence, or as often as possible. Also, as I mentioned previously the personnel should be allowed to leave the room to get fresh air if needed, thus they should consider changing protective clothing every time they go back into the room to prevent cross – contamination of the scene.
On the photographs we can observe miscellaneous items scattered around the room, almost covering the entire surface of the floor and sofa bed. Among other things on the floor, we can also observe a dead body, probably a man. Due to all the mess of the crime scene and irregular position of the deceased he is hardly noticeable on the first photographs. As I mentioned previously the dead body should be examined first to identify the cause of the death and the origin of the crime. This information would help to...

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