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Crime And Unemployment Essay

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Unemployment and crime together with its causes, has been studied over the world. In particular, there have been noted studies on the cost and benefit of crime, state of the economy and crime, and the core of the all this, unemployment and crime. Some researchers have found relationships between unemployment and crime, while others have not. However, a more controversial issue is the explicit relationship between unemployment and crime.
Mainstream economists generally believe that unemployment is associated with crime because reduced expected value from appropriate work decreases the opportunity costs of unlawful work. A balanced economic growth of the economy is the ideal way of ...view middle of the document...

In addition, critically analyzing unemployment and crime must take into account not only motivation to commit crime but opportunity to succeed in it as well , for instance, absence of security system in a bank makes it an attractive target for burglaries. However, at the end of the day such actions are acted by the country’s citizens, which gives a fair idea of where the status of education and campaigns are as these two are the main pillars which can help alleviate crimes which are committed as a result of unemployment
People care about their welfare and high living standards more than about any numbers like unemployment rate or even their wage when they decide to commit a crime or not. Market relationship itself provoke crime as it is based on competition and elimination of competitors, as well as redundancy or unemployment, gaining profit and on social confusion. That is when the corruption or money laundering take place which is also in the major crime list when concerning Fiji, when referred to the corruption case of Mahendra Patel vs. Fiji...

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