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Crime Against Elderly Essay

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Crimes against the elderly in socially organized and disorganized communities

Table of Contents
Introduction 4
Defining Elderly Abuse 7
Traditional Societies 8
The length of the problem 9
Institutional Settings 9
Risk factor for Elder Abuse 10
Individual factors 10
Factors of Relationship 11
Factors of Community and Society 12
The result of elder abuse 14
Domestic Settings 14
Treatment in institutions 14
Preventing Elder Abuse 15
Feedback from national level 16
Responses from local people 18
Social Service 19
Health Care 20
Legal Proceeding 21
Campaign to generate public awareness 22
Recommendations 23
Greater Knowledge 23
Causes of the abuse 24 ...view middle of the document...

However the issue has been taken on a firmer ground as social and political issue, first by United States Congress which later was adopted in other countries followed by research in this related field.
It is during 1980 when government actions and scientific research were reported from Australia, Canada, China, Norway, Sweden and United States and progressively from other countries like Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Israel, Japan, India, South Africa, United Kingdome and other European countries. Although the research towards elderly abuse has been an agenda for advanced countries where the research had been carried out, historical evidence and other reports from the developing countries have made this issue universal problem. Mistreatment towards the elderly is a major concern these days on human rights and gender equality and all countries have started taking various measures to curb this evil in a civilized society.
The definition of being older is not defined yet and it is one concern to deal properly on the same. However as a generic principle the western societies have considered 60 to 65 years which coincide with the age of retirement. The social concept based on the retirement bears little significance to most the western countries. The more significant lies in the role assigned to a person in their lifetime. Thus old age can be considered as a period when an individual is unable to partake in any assignment or jobs with the physical decline which eventually is a normal scenario for any elderly person.
A French term ‘‘le troisie`me aˆge’’ (the third age) has been coined to signify the ill treatment towards the older people which is bound to increase in the recent times, as it is expected for a surge in increase of the population of older segment. A prediction cites that by 2025 the population of people who are more than 60 years of age and older will be doubled from 542 million in 1995 to 1.2 billion. The numbers of older people from developed countries are predicted to get doubled by 2025, reaching 850 million which is around 12% of the entire population of older people from all over the world. Additionally in other countries like Indonesia, Colombia, Kenya and Thailand, the increase is likely to go fourfold. It is throughout the world that 1 million people falls in the age of 60 years every month, out of which 80% are from the developed countries.
Be it either rich or poor, the female members outlive men in most of the countries in the world. However the gender gap is narrower in developing countries, essentially because of high rates of maternal mortality and moreover the epidemic of AIDS. These changes are taking place in developing countries alongside increased freedom of movement and change of family structures and values. The advent of industrialization has slowly decayed the long standing interdependent pattern between the generations of the family. This often results to emotional and material hardship among the elderly...

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