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Challenge: Financial literacy education is a much needed but underrepresented resource

By shifting the perspective we can better understand why this important component of learning is missing for many Americans. Disparate resources are available in abundance on the internet, so many might feel there is no need to seek out or pay for a structured learning option. Many might feel handicapped limited by their own understanding of the financial space, becoming a living illustration for ‘you don’t know what you don’t know’. Some might simply lack the discipline to carve out time to manage their finances or make and manage investment plans. We can ...view middle of the document...

Adapt | Who else does something like this? |, khan academy |
Modify | What adds value? | Expand into a full-blown course. Bundle with other training (potentially offered by alliances) to create a certificate program (i.e. could be bundled with accounting or economic theory); partner with consultants to offer discounted One-on-One training options. |
Put to other uses | Where or how it can be used? What context? | Schools – early finance educationChurch groups/youth organizations – enhance their curriculumBuyer education – mortgages, interest rates, etc. Sessions can be offered as a value add at local banks or mortgage company offices holding open houses |
Eliminate | What can be taken out reduced? What’s not needed? Can this be separated into more parts? | The coursework can be separated into thematic areas offering bite sized learning opportunities. Areas can be mortgage, interest rates, credit management, investment 101, retirement management, etc. |
Rearrange/Reverse | Does order matter? | Order doesn’t matter. Financial education subtopics can be approached individually, in any order.Reverse roles –create a learning community online where enthusiasts can help advocate on behalf of STAR, effectively students teaching students and using croudsourcing to determine the direction of what courses need to be developed. |

Ideas derived from the technique that we will pursue are:
* Financial literacy education will be offered as structured courses as well as unstructured on demand info
* Effort will be made to create a learning community with the goal of creating a peer support network, as well as gamification platform for learning tools for younger audiences.
* We will seek out alliances with schools and community organizations, as well as professional organizations in the fields of HR and finance, to allow us to have more ways to reach our audiences.
* Partner with consultants and investment bankers to offer discounted One-on-One training options to our subscribers

Challenge: How can we market our programs to different demographic groups and encourage adoption. Targets are set by...

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