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Creative Writing

Unsent Letter from Beatrice to Benedick after Act 1 Scene 1

You say that you are loved of all ladies, only me excepted, that’s where you are wrong. You say that you’ll die a bachelor, as if any woman in her right mind will wish to marry you. You delude yourself and your self-importance. You shall die a bachelor simply because no one will accept you; you should feel lucky that I even deem to speak with you.
Although I spurn marriage and all it stands for, as you do, I ...view middle of the document...

For I live my life as I wish (the only thing of worth that you ever taught me) for which is the only reason I personal can suffer to be in your presence.

Unsent Letter from Beatrice to Benedick, end of Act 3 Scene 1

Dear Benedick,
When I first heard I thought this must be some jade trick, for you it has always been some jade trick. But upon thinking I realised that it couldn’t possibly be that, upon finally realising that it must be true (of that there was no doubt).
From the bottom of my heart, my being, I am euphoric. For the love you feel for me is just as powerful, just as requited, as the love I feel for you. Why am I just noting this now? All these years it was right in front of me. I have been blind to the truth, blind to fate, to destiny.
I have been foolish. For all these years I’ve deluded myself into thinking that I would love no one and that no one would love me, not since all those years ago when we first met. Thank God and the angels for opening my eyes. I must meet with you, for if you truly do love me (for which I pray) I must hear it from those sacred lips of yours.
Yours beseechingly,

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