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Creative Thinking Essay

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When it comes to addressing problems and issues on the particular topic creativity is very important. I would use the strategies to identify both sides first of the potential issues, keeping a broad perspective while reviewing both of them. To the best of my ability I would try and push out any per-conceptions I had about either side of the topic, and I would do my best to put myself in the mental shoes of both parties so I could understand the way both think. Potentially this would give me the ability to use creative thinking rather than critical analysis. Creative thinking can break down the typical way of viewing things, and in this particular situation could ...view middle of the document...

If it's something that someone wants to know more about, or is involved enough in to go seek out what I’ve written about it then it's provoking curiosity, and potentially leading them to information they hadn't bothered to review before. I think these strategies are effective because I’ve seen it work before, especially in academic writing. Providing a debatable idea will lead people towards the topic, or at the very least more facts about it so they can have steady ground to debate on. I could also provide information, or a topic that will move people to look for more information for a naturally curious desire instead of just to debate.

I think this is the most difficult thing because even when you provoke creative thought you have to first eliminate the bias. Perhaps you could present ideas in a broad way that encompasses both sides of the article, allowing a single idea that people may agree upon. While doing this you can still present information, but it will be information that is 'neutral' so that both parties can explore the potential facts and information without having to worry about argument. The reason I think this is still difficult is because human nature leads us to lean towards what we feel about something. In the article I would have to provide ideas that provoked curiosity while removing the bias that would cause them to review one side and not the other. Again, I think providing neutral information that causes them to look at facts that both parties agree on would be the best course.

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