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Creative Process Essay

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The creative process has four stages, which are searching for challenges, expressing the particular problem or issue, investigating it, and producing a range of ideas. When one is searching for challenges one would explore, discover, and understand. We might believe that something is done a certain way because of common or past practices and overlook challenging the norm. So, we try to use our imagination by using techniques dealing with collaboration and eliminating options with creativity. The second stage deals with expressing the particular problem or issue is a stumbling block. Having insight about a problem allows ones vision and gaps that need to be fixed or corrected. Stage three is ...view middle of the document...

So, for one to really get to the root cause and understand the problem they must reverse the problem to get to the answer.
One must gather facts by probing for more details about the circumstances. Especially when you have a problem that is too vague. By investigating facts is usually productive than trying to solve it. Investigate the problem and uncover any necessary information for leaders is asking three questions such as:
1. What are all the requirements necessary for one to be successful?
2. What are all the possible forces or events that could hinder?
3. What will happen if we do not do it?
Dealing with question one is really what makes a good leader, the requirements necessary for a leader to be successful would be personality, vision, listener, motivation, and team player. One’s personality urges others to follow them because of their charisma, which makes them out shine their peers. Any leader must be a visionary to see the future and be able to guide followers in the right direction. He or she must be a good listener and be sensitive to issues by...

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