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Creative Presentation Essay

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What's great about doing creative presentations is not only that you get to work and mingle with other people but also because you get to learn new stuff as you create and perform the presentation. Another thing great about having creative presentations is its difference from the ordinary and typical classes. In a typical class, the teacher disscusses a certain topic to the students wherein the students are expected to learn from the teacher's discussion. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that technique but we have to take into consideration other students who may not be able to clearly understand some part of ...view middle of the document...

Plus, since it is a creative presentation, we need not worry about students with little attention span.

I'm not very attentive when it comes to disscussion because I prefer to do things on my own but with our creative presentation, I learned to work in groups well which is to me is a good thing. I believe that to say that a presentation is successful, one does not only need to make the audience understand youe topic but at the same time the performer should be able to learn something to from the experience. I'm usually skeptical when it comes to my co-members because I've had experiences about students who doesn't really care much about group works. But this time, I learned to trust my group mates which is only because I had no choice, because I just had to trust them or else we'd end up with nothing but even though, I was only forced to trust, collaborate and work with them I am still greatful because I've overcome something that will make my acadmic journeys a lot easier. I haven't much to say about our topic. Our topic is mainly about Spaniard and Europeans in the 17th and 18th century and other stuff that is somewhat related to that. World History has been a favorite subject since high school, so the things that we tackled were'nt much of a shock to me, its not something new to me. The thing that is very significant to me in our presentation is actually learning to deal with people since I'm not really what you would call a people person.

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